He is only 9, and he's a next generation of YouTube stars!

Rejhan Trubljanin is from Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina and he's a little cute YouTube star. Read full story about Rejhan below.


Talented boy with Bosnian ancestry. He's always loved to play video games all day. When he went in Primary school, he created a YouTube channel and now he have more than 200 videos, 15.000 clicks and many of followers. He record alone without any friends, make own videos about gaming, vloging and life… and upload it on YouTube.

Also he loves:

  • YouTube
  • Doing Challenges
  • Winter (Snow)
  • Summer
  • Helping people and so much more…

This 4th graders life is YouTube, really a little boy who talk english language and from BiH. Next generation of a little YouTube stars worldwide.

Meet Rejhan and his life. Click here to visit Rejhan official YouTube channel.

Tell us, what do you think about Rejhan? Write your comment below!



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